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Since 1991, LHV Power Corporation has been a leading provider of Low Voltage Power Supplies and High Voltage Power Supplies. We offer standard, modified standard and Custom Power Supply solutions covering a wide range of applications. These include medical devices and equipment, thermal and continuous ink jet printers, electrostatic air / oil filters and sprayers, LED drivers, scientific instruments and many more.

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LVOM-160: 160 Watt Medical Power Supply

The LVOM-160 Series is a ultra-high density AC/DC Medical Approved and Certified switching power supply that offers up to 160W of continuous power at typical efficiencies of 90%.


LVOM-365: 365 Watt Medical Power Supply

The LVOM-365 is a 365 Watt Medical Certified Power Supply that is available in several voltage configurations between 12v - 48v, with typical power efficiencies of 90% or greater.



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