LHV Power Corporation

Company Profile




James Gevarges, President of HiTek Power Corporation, acquired full ownership

of HiTek Power Corporation from Ascent Investments Limited maintaining

existing management, intellectual property and facilities for logistics, design and

manufacturing. The company has begun operating as LHV Power Corporation

effective January 2008.


The LHV Power Corporation strategy will be to utilize our core strengths to further

the development of high voltage and low voltage power solutions for our specific

market sectors while ensuring that customers and partners continue to receive the

highest quality product, customer service and support. LHV Power Corporation

offers a wide range of power conversion technologies, including:




• 5 ~ 2400 Watt OEM / General Purpose products

• 5 ~ 150 Watt Desktop / Wall Mount products

• 600 ~ 1600 Watt Modular / Configurable Products




• PCB Mount DC/DC Converters

• Photomultiplier Applications

• Precision Scientific Modules

• Electrostatic Air Cleaners


LHV Power Corporation will be the recognized power behind tomorrow’s

technologies. For examples of unique applications and technology demonstrations,

please contact LHV Power Corporation at sales@lhvpower.com / (619) 258-7700.